Water Management Systems Loss Measurement

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Water Management Systems Loss Measurement

With man’s increasing have to be compelled to consume water, have to be compelled to live water in Open Channels has additionally accrued. Open Channels area unit those natural and artificial structures through that water flows with a free surface. For Open Channels variety of various and varied strategies are developed to live the flow of water. fashionable mechanical and electronic flow meters have created the continual measure of open channel flows attainable. 
Pune Techtrol offers solutions for measurement “Loss of Head” (differential level) between upstream and downstream of the filter screen in open channels of WTP’s / ETP’s, filtration stations, water management systems, etc.Techtrol’s supersonic loss of head level system – LHUS is wide utilized in water canals, water treatment plants, biodegradable pollution pumping and filter stations. It consists of a combine of supersonic transmitters and a differential level controller. The transmitters area unit put in on either facet of the filter screen to translate the amount grow to be Associate in Nursing analog signal by victimisation time of flight principle. The relative distinction between the 2 signals from upstream and downstream is processed by the analysis unit and displayed as “Loss-of-Head” digitally.System OperationThe system of 2 supersonic Transmitters (Ultratrol), that encompass supersonic electrical device integral with microcontroller primarily based physical science housed in Associate in Nursing enclosure. Supersonic pulses emitted from the electrical device to the target area unit mirrored back and detected by the physical science to produce 4-20mA current output. the 2 supersonic Transmitters area unit mounted on the upstream Associate in Nursingd downstream facet of the bar screen placed in an open channel. These transmitters area unit connected to Differential Level Controller (TDLC) with relay set at a predefined worth. the amount distinction between upstream and downstream facet is measured by the TDLC to actuate a predetermined relay.TDLC can even be given 4-20mA (re- transmission) to DCS / PLC Screen Panel for more management and automation.
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